Innovation and Green energy

Taking the high quality of our production as a top priority, we are firmly committed to the fastest possible implementation of innovations in the production of pipes and profiles. The line for precision pipes is the latest generation, equipped with all the necessary units to guarantee uncompromising product quality:

  • Ultrasonic flaw detector to guarantee the quality of the seam and automatic separation of any compromised pipes;
  • Cleaning system on the inside of the weld;
  • Automatic stacking and packing on the bundles of finished pipes.

The line for structural pipes is equipped with an eddy current flaw detector, allowing analog full control of the seam of the manufactured product.

The rolling is carried out on a cold rolling mill with possibilities for accuracy of the rolled strip +/- 0.05mm with automatic continuous thickness control.

Automatic units for mechanical cutting are of high performance and, if necessary, are combined with units for automatic cleaning of the edges of the parts.

For complex cutting and drawing details, we have laser machines that guarantee the quality of the products.

A factory laboratory is available, equipped with a spectrometer to control the chemical composition of the supplied steels, as well as a tensile testing machine, allowing control of the mechanical and plastic parameters of the metal along the entire technological route and of the finished product.

Upcoming deployments:

  • Unit for covering the weld seam in the production of a pipe from pre-galvanized sheet metal;
  • Hardness meter to guarantee the hardness during the production of strips.

In the company, we do not forget our environmental responsibility. We are ambitious and working hard to transition to all-green electricity.

Production of steel electrowelded pipes and metal service.Production of metal elements, parts and finished final products.Production of wooden veneer, bent-glued details and plastic elements and products.
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