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Metal service

The available equipment in the company enables the realization of a unique metal service, providing an almost complete assortment of pipes, profiles, profile and pipe blanks/products, which are necessary for a range of industries, ranging from the automotive industry to the motorcycle industry, furniture production and garden furniture , items for camping, for children, toys, household items, production of radiators, application in construction and much more. others serving different commercial sectors.

Adding to this the partial post-processing capabilities give the company the ability to manufacture and deliver highly competitively priced products, offering even the most demanding customers the following options:

  • Production of blanks according to drawings and end customer requirements.

We have 6 pcs. laser machines for cutting pipes and profiles, guaranteeing precise complex cutting.

  • Cutting of pipes and profiles according to the customer's requirements. 6 pcs are available. automated cutting machines combined with two machines for cleaning the edges of the cut blanks.

The length of the products can vary in the range of 300 - 5900mm.

Cut blanks can be with or without cleaning.

  • Longitudinal cutting of strips - according to the customer's needs, we can offer a tape with a thickness according to the customer's request 0.5 - 3.0 mm, a perfect surface and a set length of the roll. The minimum width of the strip is 40 mm.


We offer a wide range of service services, including:

  • Longitudinal cutting of sheet metal with a thickness of 0.7 – 3 mm, with a strip width in the range of 40 – 500 mm, inner diameter of the strip roll – mm

  • Cutting of pipes and profiles of automatic cutting centers.

Range of details from 200 to 5900 mm

  • At the customer's request, the edges of the cut parts can be cleaned on automated cleaning machines.

Range of details from 300 to 1200 mm

  • Cutting/cutting on laser machines according to drawings and customer requirements, details parameters: diameter from 14 to 120 mm, product length up to 5700 mm.

  • Cross cutting of sheet metal to parameter sheet B=………. L=……….

Sheet thickness in the range of ………. – ……….

Production of steel electrowelded pipes and metal service.Production of metal elements, parts and finished final products.Production of wooden veneer, bent-glued details and plastic elements and products.
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